Supporting my clients in living their heart’s joy!

Sustaining a connection to my heart’s joy of writing and photography brings clarity, focus and energy to my life. Invigorated by my personal experience, I began combining my corporate experience and artistic talents to deliver inspiring programs that support clients in living their heart’s joy. Heart’s Joy Coaching and Workshops give clients the time and tools needed to thrive.

Heart’s Joy Consulting, LLC supports individuals and organizations in enhancing well-being and engagement. Services include training and development, customized course design, course delivery, coaching, motivational speaking and inspirational art.   We specialize in women and well-being. The Heart’s Joy brand epitomizes the experience of joy and well-being that emanates from honoring the heart.

I look forward to discussing programs for you or your organization.  See Coaching and Workshops to learn more.

Se habla español.

Inspirational gifts from Heart’s Joy celebrate the joy in the journey!

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