Heart’s Joy Coaching involves listening, observing and supporting clients in utilizing their Self-wisdom to realize their dreams and goals. Heart alignment and Self-love are the basis of my coaching philosophy.  I coach clients along their personal journeys of rediscovering what makes them come alive and in doing it.  My clients experience the well-being that emanates from honoring the heart.

Heart’s Joy Coaching…

  • provides focus and encouragement.
  • introduces new concepts.
  • expands the list of possibilities.
  • extends vision past personal blind spots.
  • is not therapy.

Blind spots are areas that cannot be seen and are often described as areas in which we fail to exercise sound judgment.

Heart’s Joy Coaching is customized to each individual client or client group.   Sessions are available in-person or over the phone. Investment for Heart’s Joy Coaching Session is $99 for 45 minutes.  The initial consultation is FREE. When you are ready to begin, you are invited to review the  New Client Assessment Survey.

Se habla español.

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